Australian Wire - Special Grade

Australian Wire - Special Grade

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Although Australian wire has been imitated by many manufacturers over the years, A.J. Wilcock Scientific and Engineering remains the global market leader in high tensile stainless steel archwires. For over 50 years, "Australian Wire" has been a household name in orthodontics. The extraordinary properties of these wires are due to the research and fine engineering skills employed in the processing of the wires. Wilcock wires are well known for their resilience and ability to withstand masticatory forces as well as being able to maintain their shape even when auxiliaries and elastics are used. There is no other wire which opens the bite as effectively as Wilcock wire.

The Regular and Regular Plus are easily formed and are excellent wires for general use and utility wire. The Special and Special Plus wires are ideal for bite opening and where high resilience is required.

 *The 10" lengths are supplied in packs of 30.

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