The Infinitas Min Implant System

The simple yet comprehensive orthodontic mini implant system for an infnite number of anchorage applications. We have strived for absolute perfection from the design stage to the manufacturing of the Infnitas Mini Implant system.

In essence, the Infnitas Mini Implant system has been designed by an orthodontist, for orthodontists, so that precise, reliable bone anchorage can be achieved using as simple a clinical process as possible.

The Infnitas Mini Implant system has been designed with Dr. Richard Cousley, a Consultant Orthodontist working in the UK hospital service and private practice. Dr. Richard Cousley has published papers and lectured widely on the technical aspects of bone anchorage. He developed the Infnitas Mini Implant system to overcome some of the limitations of existing mini implants, especially in terms of their lack of insertion precision, attachment difculties and overly complex inventories.

A combination of clinical and computerised trials have proven the Infnitas Mini Implant system to be reliable and to provide comfort to both patient and clinician. A versatile mini implant system ofers fxed anchorage to increase the efciency of orthodontic treatment. This is useful when you encounter the need for space closure, tooth uprighting, open bite correction, molar distalization, and a number of other applications.

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Unique Head Design for Universal Applications

The head of the Infnitas Mini Implant is designed for direct attachment of many forms of traction. Auxiliaries, such as closing coil springs, elastomeric chain and .021” x .025” rectangular wire are held securely on one traction level, in the undercuts of this low profle head. In particular there is no need for custom made closing coil springs.

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Angled Transmucosal Neck Design

The transmucosal neck of the Infnitas Mini Implant is designed to allow insertion at any angle due to the favourable contact between the mucosa and angled neck. The are two neck heights: short neck for areas of thin mucosa and a long neck for areas of thick mucosa.

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Unique Body Design

The Infnitas cutting thread is designed to increase mini implant stability. It’s thread continues the full length of the mini implant body and therefore, through the cortical bone. The unique tapered design of the mini implant is designed to enhance engagement of the cortical bone. The 1.5mm diameter version benefts from the coronal end of the body broadening out to a diameter of 2mm while still permitting easy interproximal placement.

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Self-drilling Insertion Techniques

All Infnitas Mini Implants are designed to be self-drilling, to ease insertion and maximize stability. The self-drilling thread avoids the need to pre-drill a full pilot hole.

Note: During placement in dense cortical bone excessive torque is avoided with the use of the unique Infnitas Cortical Bone Punch.

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