How to introduce 3D Printing to your practice

How to introduce 3D Printing to your practice

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Many orthodontists have seen the advantages of intra-oral scanning, but haven't yet taken the next digital step of 3D Printing. This webinar provides introductory insight into producing retainers, aligners and other orthodontic appliances in-house and cost effectively, plus finally going impression-free! 

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Speaker: Dr Richard Cousley 


Dr Cousley is widely known in the UK and multiple other countries as an expert in orthodontic skeletal anchorage on the basis of his clinical innovations, publications and lecturing. He developed the Infinitas mini-implant system which is the most widely utilised system in the UK as well as being used in over 50 other countries. In 2015, a commentator described him in the British Dental Journal as being 'in the vanguard of this (orthodontic) revolution'.

Dr Cousely has previously been a Consultant Orthodontist in Peterborough since 2001, he is currently a Specialist Orthodontist in private practice and has used a variety of both implant and mini implant anchorage systems throughout this time. He has both lectured and published widely on orthodontic bone anchorage with a proven track record of clinical excellence and technique innovation, including his design of the Infinitas Mini Implant System. 

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