Infinitas Mini Implant Course - London

Infinitas Mini Implant Course - London

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EDH Education Centre, Royal National ENT & Eastman Dental Institute, London

19th June 2020

 Dr. Cousley has been a consultant orthodontist in Peterborough  since 2001 and has used a variety of both implant and mini implant anchorage systems throughout this time. He has both lectured and published widely on orthodontic bone anchorage with a proven track record of clinical excellence and technique innovation, including his design of the Infinitas Mini Implant system. 

The Infinitas Mini Implant system represents a synthesis of this theoretical and practical experience, such that bone anchorage should be a simple and routine option for all orthodontists and for many of your patients.

This well established course aims to equip the delegates with the essential theoretical and practical knowledge to easily begin using mini implant anchorage in clinical scenarios. The afternoon sessions also cover the latest advanced mini implant techniques (treatment planning and biomechanics), especially relating to palatal insertion sites and the treatment of anterior open bite cases.

  • To critically appraise the literature evidence on factors affecting mini implant success rates and clinical techniques

  • To explain the benefits and clinical usage of the Infinitas Mini Implant system

  • To provide practical in vitro teaching on the use of the Infinitas system

  • To provide a detailed appraisal of the treatment planning and biomechanics involved in the latest buccal and palatal site usage

  • Powerarm traction, both direct and indirect anchorage, molar intrusion, molar distalisation, expansion and orthognathic applications

CPD objectives & anticipated learning outcome
  • To understand mini implant usage
  • Be able to use the Infinitas Mini Implant system
  • 7 hour session to receive 7 CPD points
Please note that the Infinitas Mini Implant courses are only suitable for qualified Orthodontists and Orthodontic Registrars 

BDIA CPD Code of Practice compliant

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