Surface Disinfectant Wipes - Refill

Surface Disinfectant Wipes - Refill

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Suitable for use in dental and medical environments.  Formulated to both clean and disinfect hard surfaces.  Effective against:  MRSA, Bactericidal, Fungicidal, E-Coli, Viruses, Clostridium difficile NCTC 11204 vegetative cell formation (growing cells) of Gram positive organisms to standard BS EN 13704, and a diverse range of other micro-organisms.  NCTC 10442: tested to EN standards BS EN 1276.

Composition:   Ethanol, Isopropanol, Chlorhexidine-digluconate.  Lemon aroma.

Size 185 x 135 mm

Sold in packs of 100.

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