The Digital Office - A Lecture and In-Office Course

The Digital Office - A Lecture and In-Office Course

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Saturday 7th April 2018 - Oxford, London

Dr Lars Christensen - Speaker

The aims of this course are to examine the opportunities for digital workflows in orthodontic practice as well as giving the participants some hands on experience with digital technology.

In the lecture part Dr Christensen will describe his experience with 3D acquisition of data to aid diagnosis and treatment planning as well as production of high precision appliances for his patients. Dr Christensen will share his personal digital journey and highlight multiple areas to be aware of when considering investment in 3D technology.

The lecture will be illustrated with patient material highlighting some of the benefits of using intra-oral scanning, computer based setups and 3D printing either in house or with dedicated laboratories. The aim is not to endorse particular products but to explore pros and cons of different hard- and software solutions and explore some of the many options available to the orthodontist and their laboratories.

 After lunch, we will go to Dr Christensen’s practice and play with intra-oral scanners, software solutions and 3D printers. The participants will have the opportunity to scan and be scanned and Dr Christensen and staff will help explain the different workflows used in the practice. The aim is for the session to be very hands on and give the participants the opportunity to see the details that is often skipped over in the lectures and webinars.

The participants will see model printing, retainer making, fixed retainer production, indirect bonding tray design and production and will be able to get their hands wet in the afternoon session.

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