10 Questions With Karen Hiscoe

Meet Karen Hiscoe, our Events Coordinator for DB Orthodontics and DB Lab Supplies. Karen is the driving force behind our buzzing education activities. On most days she'll be found planning, scheduling, meeting and influencing - all to ensure an engaging and enjoyable day for all speakers and delegates.

We managed to grab her for five minutes to pick that busy brain of hers ..

Karen, we always start with the most important question: 
What is your favourite food?

You can't beat a good old Sunday roast, I love Yorkshire puddings!

Good choice Karen. All round to yours on Sunday then?
Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

What one thing would you have on a desert island?

I would choose Netflix, just on the off chance that I got bored of sunbathing (which I am sure would not happen).

What are you really good at?

I like to think that I’m a helpful person. I will always try and help people wherever I can, I don’t like to see people struggle.

Karen, our very own Mother Teresa.

Any pet hates?

I don’t like rude and disrespectful people. We should all be respectful to one another as we are all equal.

We like your values Karen. Photo by Adam Marcucci, Unsplash.

Who inspires you?

My Dad. He is very hard working, honest and loyal which I think are very important qualities.  

Mr Hiscoe, you have done a good job of raising our lovely Karen.

What is your favourite DB product and why?

I love the DB Ixion range of instruments. The instruments are exceptional quality and add the wow factor to our stand when we are exhibiting at trade shows. Among their many great features, they are made from German surgical stainless steel with a satin finish - which reduces glare from surgery lighting.

The popular Ixion Distal End Cutter - IX900 

What one word describes you most?

Personable (Or so I am told). I hope this is true!

Karen is a bright and friendly lass. Photo by Karine Germain, Unsplash

What do you love most about your job?

I love travelling to lots of different places and meeting so many of our lovely customers. Highlights this year have been travelling to Dubai for the AEEDC exhibition and to Florence for the Leone course that we hosted on anti-snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea devices.

At the AEEDC 2018. From left to right: Ghadi Hammami - Regional Manager of Heather & White FZC, Victoria Coppack, Karen Hiscoe, Mariola Burdess, Christian Burdess, and Mohammed Hammami.

What is your earliest memory?

Me and my younger brother breaking one of my Mum’s favourite ornaments. It didn’t go down well as I'm sure you can imagine!

If you had a time machine, where and when would you travel to?

I would travel back to the 50’s. I love Happy Days and Grease and would love to hang out in an American Diner with my friends.

Photo by Benjamin Parker, Unsplash.


Karen, thanks for your time, we have learned a lot about your personality and think you'd make a great Sandy. You should treat your father to a big fat Sunday roast as he's bound to love it. However, if the need arises, we are always available to help finishing off the roasties ...

For more information on our educational events, simply click here, email sales@dbortho.com or call Karen on 01535 656999