Looking good feeling good with

Autograph Aligners


Autograph has been designed to be discreet so the appliance is virtually invisible


Our UK based production ensures you could be wearing Autograph within 10 days of your appointment


Offering a personalised service specially catered for your individual treatment needs by your Orthodontist

What Is Autograph Aligners?
Autograph is a unique Aligner system which allows your orthodontist to personally plan your treatment in full using the latest state of the art digital software. This helps to achieve the best results possible specifically for you! At Autograph Aligners, we understand that it is about more than just a smile for many people seeking orthodontic treatment.
How Do Autograph Aligners Work?
Autograph Aligners use a series of clear aligners or trays to move one or more teeth in small increments by applying gentle pressure on these ‘target’ teeth. Autograph Aligners can be used for a variety of different problems of the upper and lower teeth, such as crowding, excess spaces, and crooked and tipped teeth.