Ixion Instruments

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    The popular choice of premium instruments for orthodontists internationally

    All Ixion™️ instruments are made from German surgical stainless steel with a beautiful satin finish which reduces glare from surgery lighting. 

    All cutting edges are made from tungsten carbide or reminate providing superior strength and sharpness. 

    All instruments have a Box Joint which provides a reliable, smooth action and ensures the tips align perfectly every time. 

    All Ixion™️ instruments have a unique streamline design providing a perfectly balanced instrument. 

    All Ixion™️ instruments are finished with round, smooth edges providing maximum comfort and safely for you and your patient. 

    122 products
    IX953 Cinch Back Plier
    IX900 Distal End Cutter with T.C. Inserts
    IX901 Long Handled Distal End Cutter with T.C. Inserts
    IX630 Direct Bond Holder with Positioning Blade
    IX867 Bracket Height Gauge .022
    IX855 Mosquito Forceps
    IX800 Small Weingart
    IX900s Distal End Cutter
    IX652 Ligature Tucker
    IX863 Smaha (straight)
    IX912 Standard Ligature Cutter with Inserted Tips
    IX632 Lingual Bracket & Bondable Tube Holder
    IX820 Crimpable Archwire Hook Plier
    IX910 Pin Ligature Cutter 7 Degree Angle
    IX873 Torquing Plier Set
    IX828 Direct Bond Remover (Angled)
    IX911 Micro Ligature Cutter
    IX902 Flush Cut Distal End Cutter
    IX888 Ixion Aligner Plier - Rotation
    IX976 Intra Oral Detailing Plier 0.5mm Step
    IX889 Ixion Aligner Plier - Retention
    IX954 Cinch Back - Large Wire
    IX913 Standard Ligature Cutter
    IX164 Adams Plier
    IX850 Direct Bond Bracket Holder
    IX827 Direct Bond Remover (Straight)
    IX807 Light Wire Plier
    IX826 Posterior Band Remover (Long)
    IX813 Tweed Arch Forming Plier
    IX802 Large Weingart
    IX891 Ixion Aligner Plier - Hole Punch
    IX862 Mathieu Needle Holder
    IX835 Adhesive Removing Plier
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    IX955 Bracket Removing Plier
    IX650 Single Ended Probe
    IX959 Long Handled Distal End Cutter with T.C. Inserts
    IX804 Fine Tipped Weingart
    Ixion Aligner Scissors
    IX890 Ixion Aligner Plier - Tear Drop
    IX887 Ixion Aligner Plier - Torque