Ixion Instruments

130 products

    The popular choice of premium instruments for orthodontists internationally

    All Ixion™️ instruments are made from German surgical stainless steel with a beautiful satin finish which reduces glare from surgery lighting. 

    All cutting edges are made from tungsten carbide or reminate providing superior strength and sharpness. 

    All instruments have a Box Joint which provides a reliable, smooth action and ensures the tips align perfectly every time. 

    All Ixion™️ instruments have a unique streamline design providing a perfectly balanced instrument. 

    All Ixion™️ instruments are finished with round, smooth edges providing maximum comfort and safely for you and your patient. 

    130 products
    IX824 Coon Ligature Tying Plier
    IX823 Fine 3 Jaw NiTi Plier
    IX819 Small 3 Jaw Plier
    IX814 O'Brien Loop Forming Plier
    IX803 Large Weingart with T.C.
    IX702 Three Jaw Fine Plier
    IX701 Three Jaw Plier
    IX654 Mirror Handle
    IX103 Large Rack
    IX949 Fine Tipped Tweed
    IX951 Weingart 60 degree angle with T.C.
    IX908 Heavy Duty Hard Wire Cutter
    IX870 Serrated Scissors
    IX861 Mathieu Needle Holder with T.C.
    IX845 Mershon Molar Band Seater
    IX837 Replacement Vinyl Tube 150mm
    IX836 Replacement Metal Pad
    IX834 Crimping Plier
    IX823XF Extra Fine 3 Jaw NiTi Plier
    IX809 Light Wire Plier with Cutter
    IX707 Conical Flat Nose Plier
    IX653 Mitchell Trimmer
    IX101 Small Rack
    IX843 Utility Weingart with Inserted Tips
    IX633 Curved Bracket Holder
    IX711 Lab Bird Beak Plier
    IX838S Posterior Band Remover Tips
    IX945 Lingual Tucker
    IX711 Heavy Duty Bird Beak
    IX952 Stepped Archwire Plier
    IX896S Replacement Tips 1/8" (4mm)
    IX864 Curved Mathieu Needle Holder with T.C.
    IX832 V Bend Plier with T.C. Inserted Tips
    IX830 Hollow Chop
    IX821 Long Beak Light Wire Plier
    IX815 Nance Plier
    IX811 Light Wire Contouring & Cutting Plier
    IX806 How Plier (Angled)
    IX805 How Plier (Straight)