Ixion Instruments

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    The popular choice of premium instruments for orthodontists internationally

    All Ixion™️ instruments are made from German surgical stainless steel with a beautiful satin finish which reduces glare from surgery lighting. 

    All cutting edges are made from tungsten carbide or reminate providing superior strength and sharpness. 

    All instruments have a Box Joint which provides a reliable, smooth action and ensures the tips align perfectly every time. 

    All Ixion™️ instruments have a unique streamline design providing a perfectly balanced instrument. 

    All Ixion™️ instruments are finished with round, smooth edges providing maximum comfort and safely for you and your patient. 

    130 products
    IX887 Ixion Aligner Plier - Torque
    IX955 Bracket Removing Plier
    IX950 Weingart 60 degree angle
    IX941 Curved Lingual Micro Mosquito
    IX920 Safe Cinch Plier
    from £156.35
    IX911L Micro Long Handled Ligature Cutter
    IX827 Direct Bond Remover (Straight)
    IX817 De La Rosa
    IX810 Bird Beak Plier
    Ixion Aligner Scissors
    IX975 Intra Oral Detailing Plier 0.75mm Step
    IX902s Flush Cut Distal End Cutter Small
    IX915 Hard Wire Cutter with T.C. Insert
    IX631 Deluxe Direct Bond Holder
    IX940 Curved Smaha
    IX871 Tweed Arch Forming Plier
    IX860 Fine Tip Mathieu Needle Holder
    IX801 Small Weingart with Inserted Tips
    IX960 Lingual Anterior Debonding Plier
    IX958 Flush Cut Distal End Cutter Standard
    IX957 Mini Ligature Cutter 60 Degree Angle Lower
    IX841 Force Module Separator
    IX829 Direct Bond Remover
    IX825 Posterior Band Remover (Short)
    IX812 Tweed Loop Forming Plier with Cutter
    IX916 Hard Wire Cutter 15° Angle with T.C. Insert
    IX957s Micro Ligature Cutter 60 degree angle lower
    IX956s Micro Ligature Cutter 50 degree angle upper
    IX906 Hard Wire Cutter 15 degree Angle
    IX895s Tips for Posterior Band Remover
    IX866 Bracket Height Gauge 3.5mm - 5mm .018
    IX816 3 Jaw Plier
    IX655 Mirror Heads
    IX102 Medium Rack
    IX838 Posterior Band Remover Plier
    IX200 Transplantation Stent Kit
    IX958s Flush Cut Distal End Cutter Small
    IX956 Mini Ligature Cutter 50 degree angle upper
    IX846 Mershon Band Pusher with Small Round Handle
    IX840 Small Adams Plier