Patient Care with

Ortho Ease

Orthodontic patient care is made easy
with the complete practice package. Ready to display in brightly colour-coded packs, the Ortho Ease patient-friendly range includes waxes, silicone, chewies, retrievers, brushes and even travel kits.

Patient Care

Made Easy

ortho ease


Remove aligners and retainers quickly and comfortably with easy to use retrievers.
ortho ease


Chewies help the patient seat the aligner into place securely and comfortably.
Ortho Ease


medical grade silicone prevents soft tissue irritation and allows time for healing.
ortho ease


Prevent irritation of the soft tissues during treatment, and allow time for healing with a specially designed wax
Ortho ease


The double ended Orthodontic Toothbrush features a standard orthodontic brush head with soft bristles and a V shape through the centre for effective brushing
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Ortho Ease Retainer Boxes
Ortho Ease Chewies
Ortho Ease Retrievers
Ortho Ease Wax
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Ortho Ease Travel Kit
Now in bulk!
We are pleased to now offer wax and silicone in boxes of 100 pieces with custom printing available.