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Stainless Steel

The Evolve stainless steel bracket system features a two piece bracket, metal injection moulded from advanced 17-4 low nickel alloy brazed to an 80 gauge mesh base. The bracket slot is CNC milled and finished with an advanced polishing process resulting in a perfectly smooth slot.

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Low Profile

Featuring the same features as Evolve, lower profile offers greater patient comfort during treatment as it is approximately 15% lower in height. Low profile enables the soft tissues to rest closer to the labial tooth surface, so your patient benefits from a more natural feeling in the mouth. With the same mesio-distal width as Evolve, you still have the rotational control needed to achieve the required results.


The Evolve composite bracket, features a Nano-particle coating which is highly resistant to staining. The Evolve composite bracket bonds like a metal bracket therefore requiring no additional primer, and de-bonds easily at the end of treatment.

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