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Why is the Evolve bracket the fastest growing product in our portfolio?

Precision engineered using a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) milling technique to eradicate any archwire ‘’slop’’, Evolve stainless steel bracket offers you ultimate control, resulting in consistently predictable orthodontic outcomes.

  • Rounded Tie Wings
  • Precise slot
  • Two-piece bracket: Metal injection moulded for ultimate precision.
  • Mushroom shaped hook
  • Colour ID marking: Provides easy identification.
  • Secure bond: The 80-gauge mesh base locks Evolve brackets in place until debond.
  • Torque-in-base: Ensures a level slot line up with reduced occlusal interference, making multiple ligation easier to achieve.
  • Centre Scribe Line: For accurate placement in line with the axis of the tooth.

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Precise Slot:

The slot is CNC milled ensuring an accurate fit with arch wires for optimised clinical results. A true expression of the wire offers reassurance that your treatments will consistently stay to plan.

Mushroom Shaped Hook:

In addition to securing chains and attachments, the mushroom shaped hook also prevents slipping in between patient appointments.

Rounded Tie Wings:

Evolve is a metal injection moulded two-piece bracket featuring rounded tie wings for enhanced patient comfort. An advanced 17-4 low nickel alloy is brazed to an 80-gauge mesh base, offering a secure bond.

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Evolve Tubes

Evolve Flow bondable tubes were designed to ensure optimised comfort for patients and a precise, convenient workflow for the clinician.

Available in Roth*, MBT* .018 and .022 and 1st & 2nd Molar.

  • Evolve Flow features a distal notch for ligation and tieback of auxiliaries.
  • Each tube is colour coded on the buccal surface for easy molar quadrant identification.
  • The contoured surfaces are low profile and tapered for patient comfort.
  • Occlusal / gingival positioning guides ensure a secure grip and ease of placement.

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The Funnelled Entrance:

The Evolve Flow funnelled entrance allows for easy wire insertion.

Contoured Base:

The anatomically contoured base with occlusal indent ensures accurate fit, whilst the 80-gauge mesh pad ensures superior bond strength.

Low Profile Hook:

Low profile hooks guarantee patient comfort and allow for easy placement of attachments.

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Contoured 1st Molar Bands

Every feature of Evolve 1st Molar bands has been created to enhance treatment outcomes, whilst offering a superior level of patient comfort. Evolve molar bands are anatomically shaped; featuring a buccal and lingual indent for a secure fit and superior retention.

Available in .022 Roth* and MBT* prescription pre-welded with non-convertible low profile buccal tubes.

  • The band has a thinner straight interproximal wall for reduced separation.
  • Occlusal edge provides strength and reduced deformation.
  • Permanently etched marking system make identification and sorting a convenient and swift process.
  • High quality stainless steel withstands stresses of extraoral and intraoral appliances.
  • Band size range of 29.5 - 43.5, including half sizes.

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Optimal Dimensions for Patient Comfort:

Reduced gingival and occlusal dimensions minimise interferences and provide easy adaptation to many crown shapes.

Etched Band Interior:

To aid better retention, the roughened inner surface increases bond strength and minimises the occurrence of loose bands.

Contoured Shape:

The anatomical shape provides comfort in addition to maintaining excellent bonding strength. Each band is contoured with a buccal cusp and lingual cusp indent.

"I’ve used Evolve brackets since 2017 and have never had a problem. Because they are high quality brackets, they are easy to ligate, there are no unwanted debonds, and they always debond easily at the end of treatment. All my patients are happy."

- Dr. Yannis Levisianos
Ayreshire Orthodontics

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