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Autograph Whitening

About Autograph Whitening

Our range of Whitening products has been developed to provide optimum comfort and convenience - ensuring your patient has a truly unbeatable whitening experience.


We are committed to providing marketing support which equips you with everything to tempt and inform your patients. Featuring a fresh twist on our signature Autograph branding, our range of materials ensures an effortless treatment uptake increase.

Why Choose Autograph?

Autograph Whitening has the perfect balance of effective gels, quality packaging, and marketing support to create an effective and enjoyable whitening experience for every one of your patients.

• Close to a neutral pH factor (6.8) ensures Autograph Whitening is stable, safe & achieves effective results.

• Contains Potassium Nitrate & Sodium Fluoride to combat sensitivity.

• Convenience of lower wear times.

• Water content to ensure a stable whitening result & eliminate dehydration.

• Beautiful packaging to complement the Autograph Aligner range.

• Marketing support for your practice website, waiting room & social media pages.

Pack Options

4 x 3ml Syringe Patient Kit

Choose from 10% or 16% Carbamide Peroxide wth a 1 hour wear time.

2 x 3ml Syringe Top-Up Pack

Choose from 10% or 16% Carbamide Peroxide with a 1 hour wear time.

The Autograph Bundle

This includes whitening trays in a carry case and a 4 x 3ml syringe patient kit.

Choose from a 10% or 16% Carbamide Peroxide with a 1 hour wear time

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