5 Reasons Why Clear Aligners Are a Great Way to a New Smile

Why do people choose clear aligner treatment? There are lots of reasons! Clear aligners are an effective and discreet way to achieve your perfect smile. Millions of amazing smile makeovers, new smile reviews and new smile journeys are happening right now all over the world, and you can be one of them too!

In this blog, we explain the 5 reasons why clear aligners may be the perfect choice for your smile makeover.

First of all, what are clear aligners and how do they work?

Clear aligners or medically approved plastic trays specially designed to move one or more of your teeth in small increments by applying gentle pressure on these ‘target’ teeth. 

Depending on your individual needs, your clinician will create a treatment plan that may span from three to twelve months. Generally, patients wear each aligner for one week to ten days. Aligners are less visible than wearing fixed braces, and can be used for a variety of different problems of the upper and lower teeth, such as:

  - crowding

 - excess spaces

 - crooked teeth

 - tipped teeth

Aligners are easy to place in the mouth and almost invisible to others.

Here are the top 5 reasons why clear aligners are a great way to a new smile

  1. They are THE discreet way to boost your confidence.

Clear aligners are loved by all patients; old and young because they are so hard to detect when you are wearing them. Those of us who had braces as kids, knew how it felt to be slightly self-conscious of a smile full of brackets and wires. Many patients want to appear confident at school or in a professional or social environment. Clear aligners offer a perfect way to do just that. Autograph Aligners patient Keith Dyson says of his treatment, ”Nobody ever noticed I was wearing aligners! I am so pleased with the treatment. I would drop it into conversation at work and social meetings. I tell as many people as I can about the great results I’ve experienced with Autograph”

  1. Aligners may mean less time in the dental chair

This may come as a relief to patients who don’t like being sat in the dental chair for longer periods. Unlike fixed braces, where the brackets that hold the wires are glued to every single tooth and then taken off again at the end of treatment, you may only require attachments to be bonded.

Attachments are small, tooth coloured shapes of composite material attached to selected teeth. Your clinician may use attachments to help move these selected teeth gently and gradually into position. They are perfectly safe and worn by millions of patients all over the world.

When drinking tea or coffee, we recommend you take out your aligners to avoid staining.

  1. Eat and drink whatever you like with clear aligners

One of the many benefits of using clear aligners is that, unlike traditional fixed braces, aligners are removed at mealtimes. This means you can eat and drink your favourite foods and beverages. Removing your aligners keeps them in the best condition. It prevents them from being distorted from chewing, or stained by strong coloured food.

Tea and coffee can be safely consumed while you’re undergoing treatment with aligners, although you should not drink these beverages whilst wearing the trays to avoid staining. It’s important that you remember to put them back in straight after to achieve the desired treatment results in the anticipated timeframe. Your orthodontist will guide you on how many hours the trays should be worn each day. It’s usually around 22 hours.

Aligners can be stored in a carry case while eating or drinking.

  1. The possibilities with aligners are expanding

With the help of careful treatment planning and new advancements in technology, what was once only achievable with fixed braces, is now the norm with Aligners.

Over recent years, dental experts have researched how to best use attachments and elastics alongside clear aligners. This means that more patients than ever before can enjoy the benefits of a discreet treatment. In some cases, aligners can also be used as part of a patient’s orthodontic journey in addition to fixed braces.

  1. It’s easy to keep your Oral Health in tip top shape with clear aligners

Because aligners can be removed when you brush your teeth, cleaning your teeth is just as easy as usual. Clear aligners are also really easy to keep clean by gently brushing them with water and using cleaning tablets on a weekly basis. It is important not to brush your aligners with toothpaste as they can be abrasive; causing tiny scratches to occur in the aligners that harbour bacteria and odours.

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