How to Create Sparkling Displays in Your Practice with Autograph Whitening

Looking to tempt more patients into a whiter smile for 2020? Autograph Whitening and DB Orthodontics provide you with all the tools you need to kick start your tooth-whitening treatments.

At DB, we aim to make your Autograph promotions as attractive and as easy to set up as possible. With this in mind we now have free branded balloons, leaflet stands, and beautiful pop-up banners available - just ask. Add to these digital images, posters and a wall canvas with every 20 kits, and your campaign is well underway.

Wear for as little as 1 hour a day

Autograph Whitening is a luxury brand of tooth-whitening available in 10% or 16% Carbamide Peroxide. Patients can expect ideal results after one to two weeks, yet it only needs to be worn from one hour per day. Of course, this is great news for those who dislike wearing trays for long periods.

Keeping the patient in mind, Autograph Whitening is safe and gentle. To manage patient sensitivity, Autograph contains potassium nitrate. Sodium fluoride is added for enamel remineralisation and dentinal tubule occlusion.

Get kitted out

4 x 3ml syringe kits are provided in a crisp white box, embossed with a silver logo, and provided in a satin finish gift bag. Top-up packs can be purchased for those looking for a refresh, and mirrored carry cases are also available to keep trays clean and safe.


Why not offer free whitening treatments to the team? Nothing motivates a person to promote tooth whitening more than personal experience. Plus, don't forget to offer gift vouchers, special offers, and competitions; a little focus can go a long way. 

Align and shine

Autograph Aligners was launched in 2014 to provide a reliable aligner system that gave excellent results with a personal service. So you can offer the full aesthetic package in the same style, Autograph Aligners is branded just like Autograph Whitening.

All in one package

DB’s in-house lab, Studio 8, provides quality whitening trays exactly how you want them. Scalloping and reservoirs come as standard, however, they can also be fabricated without. Also, choose from a selection of bundle deals containing whitening kits, trays, and retainers -  all at reasonable prices.

Set out your stall

From attending wedding fairs to hosting open days, to waiting room displays - your whitening marketing promotions can be the envy of every practice. Call today to request a marketing pack and practice visit. Call 01535 656 999 or email