Bring Your “A” Game: Rebecca Bailey’s Top 5 Aesthetic Products from DB Orthodontics.

Comfortably reaching all corners of the UK and Europe from her home office, UK and Europe Sales Manager Rebecca Bailey shares the 5 Aesthetic products customers are asking for and, what customers, in this ever-changing world, always wanted and always will.

Rebecca, first tell us about DB Orthodontics.
We are a well-established family business that originated in 1998 selling Orthodontic products and we’ve grown into a company that collaborates with world experts to develop orthodontic, dental, dental laboratory products and education for the UK and 70 countries worldwide. Our customer service is genuine, and people always love that. We are dedicated to keeping our service personal and detailed.

It might be 14 months on since sales visits ceased due to Covid-19 restrictions, yet the business of smile design never stops. After the NHS Ortho contract restructure, many clinicians wanted to increase private treatments including tooth whitening, so our timing was perfect to launch our Autograph tooth whitening brand.

Autograph whitening features patient kits and a handy whitening wand.


Autograph Whitening for online meetings with sparkle
Customers asked for a whitening brand to complement our Autograph Aligners, so we developed patient kits, and top up kits in a 10 and 16% Carbamide peroxide, that can be worn from as little as one hour, in our trademark crisp white Autograph branded packaging. We then brought in handy whitening wands, containing 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, that need no refrigeration.

Autograph Aligners; created with the environment in mind.


A Green Approach: Autograph Aligners
To offer smile makeovers that incorporate tooth whitening and aligners all under one roof is ideal for patients, and creates a holistic environment. It is easy to adopt clear aligners into your treatment menu and, our UK based Autograph Aligners brand does this with a green approach to treatment planning. We send out in smaller batches, preventing any excess waste if refinements are needed.

Aligner pliers help create torque, rotation, retention, and cut-outs for elastics and buttons


Aligner Pliers from the Orthodontic experts
For simple aligner refinements, Ixion aligner pliers are a favourite. Our five aligner pliers create torque, rotation, retention, cut outs for attaching elastics and adding buttons into treatment. Plus, our recently added finely shaped scissors complete the arsenal. World renowned Ixion Orthodontic Pliers set the bar higher for all orthodontic wire cutting and wire bending, and Ixion aligner pliers are no different when it comes to quality. Their beautifully finished fine tips allow easy access into narrow anterior incisal edges.

SPA Ceramic brackets for a de-bond like metal.
SPA Ceramic brackets are perfect because they de-bond easily like a metal bracket, and they also have a low profile for patient comfort. "Spa brackets are my go-to aesthetic bracket. Patients like the look

and feel of them, they function well and I don’t need to worry about tricky ceramic de-bonds any longer. I feel like I’m using metal brackets but with the bonus of aesthetics."
says Ailbhe McMullin, Consultant Orthodontist at Manchester Children’s Hospital.

DB Products: Contrastor DB04-0157 & Double Ended Cheek Retractor DB04-0183


Photography products to get you Instagram ready
Professional clinical photos showing before and afters work wonders for reaching potential patients on social media. You will have to work hard to find a more comprehensive selection of retractors, contrastors and mirrors to choose from, in addition to custom designed sterilisation trays. Even if I do say so myself…

L TO R; Directors Christian Burdess, Victoria Coppack, and David Burdess.


Award winners
We were delighted to win three export awards at the end of 2020; Best Small Exporter and Best Overall Exporter at the Northern Powerhouse Awards, and also Best International Exporter at the Federation of Small Businesses. These will sit nicely next to the Queen’s Award we received for export excellence in 2013.

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