DB Orthodontics Join Forces with OPRO Sports Mouthguards

Help your patients defend against dental sports injuries with a quality sports mouth guard. DB Orthodontics have teamed with OPRO Mouth guards, to demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate this valuable, yet inexpensive appliance into a patient’s care plan.

 For all Dentists and Orthodontists, offering a sports mouth guard not only protects the dentition - it shows the patient a commitment to providing an extra level of care and peace of mind. When time and money has been invested in a beautiful smile, it makes sense to keep it that way.

OPRO Ambassador Shona McCallin has won 39 caps for GB Hockey.

 A study published in US Sport’s Health Journal 1 stated that,” Most studies show a reduction in dental injuries when mouth guards are worn. In a meta-analysis, the overall risk of an orofacial injury was 1.6 to 1.9 times higher when a mouth guard was not worn. Mouth guard use in high school and college football players significantly reduced dental injury rates. Not only do mouth guards help prevent orofacial trauma, they reduce the cost of these injuries significantly.”

UFC Fighter Danny Roberts is an OPRO Combat Brand Ambassador.

Dental injury stats1 to get your teeth into:

  • More than 5 million teeth are avulsed (completely displaced from their socket due to trauma) each year in the United States, costing more than $500 million to treat;
  • The cost to treat an avulsed tooth over a lifetime is between $5,000 and $20,000.
  • Basketball, football, hockey, martial arts, and boxing carry the highest risk, but noncontact sports carry risk as well. 
  • Orofacial injuries vary, with the most common being soft tissue (e.g. lacerations). 
  • The majority of dental trauma is tooth (crown) fracture, tooth avulsion, or tooth sublaxation (loose tooth).

Trusted By Professionals

The global name in Custom Fit and Self Fit sports mouth guards, OPRO is worn by England Rugby, New Zealand Rugby, Australia Rugby, GB Hockey, many AVIVA Rugby Premiership Rugby teams, UFC, GB Taekwondo, and US association Pop Warner - feeder group for NFL to name but a few.



Experts in Orthodontics, DB Orthodontics will champion OPRO’s philosophy: protection, retention and fit. It will introduce the Gold Level Braces range to their UK customer base of dentists and orthodontists, global distributors, and is looking to broaden the range later in the year.


What is a sports mouth guard designed to do?

  • Restructure and absorb shock to reduce or prevent fractures in teeth and jaws,
  • provide soft tissue protection to decrease oral and lip lacerations,
  • give support by filling in missing teeth spaces.


Do brace wearers need a different kind of mouth guard? Yes. This is where OPRO’s Gold Level Braces come into their own.


GB Taekwondo competitor Bianca Walkden partnered with OPRO to deliver sessions in schools promoting sports participation.

A Gold Standard

Gold Braces are a Self-Fit, Competition level range of mouth guards featuring OPRO’s unique model design developed from 15 oral contact points. This enhances comfort in the mouth by distributing any physical impact from the anterior zone through to the posterior zone. Gold Braces mouth guards surround the orthodontic brackets safely without getting stuck in the undercuts or de-bonding - making it easy to use.



Gold Braces feature a durable outer layer for optimum impact protection and a flexible inner layer for supreme comfort and fit. They are available for upper and lower braces, come with a free case and include Bio Master Technology - protecting against microbial growth. Lastly, all Gold Braces wearers are covered with a generous warranty of up to £15,000.


Easy for patients

 Each model comes with a convenient cradle for use when placing in boiling water and fitting in the mouth. The material is strong enough to be re-boiled three times if necessary - allowing for movements in the dentition during the course of treatment.


Award winning protection

OPRO (short for oral protection) was founded by former Dentist Dr Anthony Lovat in 1997 with the aim of reducing oral dental trauma by introducing custom fitting mouth guards into the schools of the UK. In 2007, OPRO Self-Fit was released in the UK, and was the first boil and bite mouth guard range to fully satisfy and pass the CE certification process – setting OPRO ahead of the game. As further testament to their innovation, 2007 saw them receive the Queen’s Award in recognition of their ground-breaking work in the field of oral protection.

A winning victory is certain for Dentists and Orthodontists who offer OPRO mouth guards. Not only does the patient benefit from the safety and peace of mind OPRO offers, your practice is safeguarding any work carried out. Ensure your patients stand strong against their opponent’s attack with a confident smile in every match - thanks to OPRO.

For more information or to order OPRO Gold Braces, call the DB sales team on +441535 656 999 or email sales@dbortho.com.


Reference: 1. Young E, Macias R, Stephens L.  Common Dental Injury Management in Athletes. Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach. 2013;20(10):1-6.