A Special IPR Presentation with Consultant Orthodontist Dr Arti Hindocha this Dentistry Show

How confident are you at performing IPR? If you’re still working on it, you’re not alone. Our recent Instagram poll revealed many of our GDP and Orthodontist followers are in the same boat.

With the continued rise in demand for orthodontic treatment among adults, IPR is becoming an essential focus area. This presents an opportunity for you to improve your technique, and scrutinise the efficiency of the current products you are using in-clinic.

So, this Dentistry Show, why not make IPR your focus? With a little help from Arti Hindocha and DB Orthodontics, we could get you on the road to success. Come along to stand F22, and bring a colleague.

Taking place on both days, Arti’s presentation will discuss IPR for orthodontic treatments. Dr Hindocha will be sharing her tips and tricks, plus her know-how on achieving the very best outcomes using both handheld and handpiece IPR kits offering the following benefits:

  • Controlled enamel reduction
  • Time saving stripping procedure
  • No risk of removing more enamel than required
  • No need to constantly interrupt treatment to measure
  • Accurate space opening

Come and meet the DB Team at stand F22

The DB Orthodontics team will be showcasing their must-have products and services designed to keep your patients happy, and your workflow seamless. We look forward to seeing you there!