Den-Tech ships donated Lab equipment to Cambodia, with a little help from DB Lab/Ortho

Last month, Den-tech were proud to announce its first-ever shipment of donated lab equipment was on its way to Cambodia.

At DB HQ, we were delighted to have been a part of Dentech's worthy cause by storing all donations, safely packaging them up and distributing them from our warehouse. We would like to thank all our customers who donated items, helping to make this happen.

4 Pallets of Equipment

The 4 pallets of donated equipment will help the University of Puthisastra to get a crown and bridge training laboratory up and running to help train the next generation of technicians for the country, and to provide a basic dental service for free/at cost for the poorer communities in Cambodia.


About Dentech

Den-Tech is the brainchild of dental technicians Andrea Johnson and Andrew Sinclair who, after visiting Uganda with another dental charity, realised that there was a great need for quality dental technology services in the country and other developing countries.

Many charities provide the incredibly valuable service of ‘dental pain clinics’ but there is no real provision for the restoration of the dentition thereafter. This can leave patients with large gaps where teeth have been extracted, meaning that they can quite often struggle to eat and chew their food well, to speak properly and to look and feel normal.

Andrea and Andrew felt very passionately that this should not continue, and that if they could set up a high quality, supported working and training dental laboratory in the country, they could help provide not just a temporary hand out, but a legacy of support and training to the native people.

They set up their charity called Den-Tech in 2017 and enlisted a board of trustees who are equally as passionate about using their skills and resources to help out those less fortunate.

This drive and enthusiasm has now extended to helping out those less fortunate in the UK; the homeless. This new project, in addition to the existing overseas ones, has received a fantastic amount of support from the dental technician community who are pulling together to provide a full range of dental technology services free to those most vulnerable and needy in our society.