Eating Rations and Running Miles: We’re Fundraising for Refugees this September

From eating rice rations to running 72 miles: DB’s Marketing Coordinator Maria Brophy (left) shares a few of hers, and Sales Director Victoria Coppack’s fundraising plans this autumn.

If there’s one thing we love at DB, it’s charity fundraising. From growing mos for Movember, to fancy dress days, to collecting materials for Cambodian dental labs and providing for food banks, there is always a murmur of an upcoming charity event going on. If it involves the consumption of cake, all the better. So, in the traditional spirit of DB fundraising, Vikki and myself have decided to raise money for charities that support the millions of Syrians displaced from the war. Alas, not a cake in sight.

A world apart

When choosing the right photo for this blog, the only picture we had of both of us together was the one above, which couldn’t be farther from the lives of the refugees we hope to support. Captured at the 2019 Dentistry Awards, we embody the epitome of privilege - grinning ear to ear, holding our shiny accolades. DB Orthodontics is a dental and orthodontic products manufacturer. We are in the business of helping people look and feel great with treatments like clear aligners and tooth-whitening - a world away from the daily hardship and suffering faced by refugees.

Our fundraising goals; wish us luck!

Vikki has signed up to run 72 miles with Miles For Refugees; a campaign from The Red Cross. The 72 miles symbolises the journey many refugees travel from Damascus to Beirut.

I will be taking part in the Ration Challenge from Concern Worldwide. During 13th – 19th September, I will eat the same rations Syrians refugees receive in the camps in Jordan. 

Due to the corona virus, now most of us realise the health and protection of our loved ones is what really matters. We’re all affected by the corona virus, but it seems not equally. Refugees were already living a nightmare; and now, as a result of the pandemic, many more will face devastating hunger and hardship.

Vikki’s challenge: Miles for Refugees

Throughout September, Vikki will clock up 72 miles on foot for Miles for Refugees. This is the distance from Damascus to Beirut that many refugees have to travel to safety. She can count the miles in a variety of ways; for example through running, walking, and even dancing! We have every faith in you Vikki, let’s hope we have a dry September!

Distances fundraisers can choose from. Vikki chose the 72 miles from Damascus to Beirut.

As long as she travels 2.5 miles a day, for every day in September, she will make the challenge! Vikki does plenty of running around after her two children; Martha, 5 and Felix, 2, which also counts!

Refugees: Facts from The Red Cross

Image courtesy of the Red Cross

Maria’s Challenge: The Ration Challenge

From the moment I wake up on 13 September, to when I go to bed on 19 September, I will drink only water and eat just:

• The contents of my Ration Challenge pack – see below.
• An extra 1.5kg of rice and 400g of flour from the ‘coupons’.
• Any rewards I’ve ‘earned’ by hitting fundraising benchmarks.
• A multivitamin (optional).

Image courtesy of Ration Challenge Concern Worldwide

I have already started my fundraising, and have passed a few reward markers already thank goodness. I sponsored myself to entitle myself to a dried spice, and now I hit £250 I can have salt (£125 marker) and 170g of one vegetable.

What does the Ration Challenge and Concern Worldwide do?

Image courtesy of Ration Challenge Concern Worldwide

When I hit £400 I’m allowed 120g of protein, and £600 entitles me to a 330ml drink. When I hit £850, I can have a bonus item up to £3. As a real food lover, and not much of a rice eater, this will be a challenge for sure!

Want to sponsor us? click on the links below:

Vikki’s Miles for Refugees

Maria’s Ration Challenge

We will keep you updated on our progress, and hope to raise a good amount to send to these worthy causes. Wish us luck!

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