How Can Photography Mirrors Help Create the Perfect Photo?

In orthodontics, where a fraction of a mm counts, precision is paramount. Whether it's capturing high-resolution intraoral photographs, conducting comprehensive oral examinations, or simply maintaining a smooth workflow, utilising high-quality
photography mirrors plays its part. In the pursuit of optimised visibility, we understand the critical role that superior reflective mirrors play in achieving crisp, clear images. With this in mind, we take pride in offering a range of mirrors that set the bar high in the industry.

What do The Experts Say?

Tim Zoltie, Medical Photographer and Head of Medical and Dental Illustration at The University of Leeds says, “The key distinction in dental photography mirrors lies in their design—unlike general mirrors, dental mirrors feature a front-coated reflective element.

“DB Orthodontics stands out by offering mirrors with a front-coated element which minimises the occurrence of double reflections commonly associated with rear-coated mirrors and assists in gaining correct exposure. In addition to this, the mirrors boast a robust material coating that withstands multiple autoclave cycles,
maintaining a consistently high level of reflectivity over time”

Superior Reflection for Unparalleled Clarity

Unlike stainless steel blades which may lack crispness, DB mirrors provide a distortion-free, crisp reflection. Available in six designs, each mirror is tailored to offer unparalleled access to all intraoral regions. This versatility ensures that no matter the angle or position, you can capture the perfect image with ease. Whether you are using traditional 35mm film or the latest in digital photography, DB mirrors guarantee consistent quality and clarity.

The robust front coated element as seen above minimises double reflections, and helps maintain a high level of reflectivity.

Withstanding Sterilisation

Our mirrors are built to withstand the rigours of dental practice. They can be repeatedly sterilised through steam and autoclave processes, withstanding temperatures up to 137°C. This durability ensures that your mirrors remain in pristine condition, ready to serve you through countless appointments.

Keep them Clean and Safe

Keeping your mirrors clean and safe is also important too. This is why each mirror has its own luxury velvet style pouch for safe storage.

We only put our family name to the highest quality products

As a manufacturer and distributor of high quality orthodontic and dental products globally, we will only add our name to products used and approved by dental industry leaders. In doing this, we know our products meet and exceed the expectations of the busy dental professional. By ensuring your practice holds high quality mirrors, you are one step closer to providing the highest level of care to your patients; visibility is crystal clear and every detail is waiting to be captured. For those who are serious about enhancing their dental photography and maintaining accurate case records, choosing DB Orthodontics mirrors are a great place to start. 

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About DB Orthodontics

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