We're Evolving: Introducing New Lower Profile Brackets From Evolve

Our most popular bracket is now available in a lower profile. Still featuring the same features as Evolve, lower profile offers greater patient comfort during treatment. Evolve Low Profile is approximately 15% smaller than Evolve.

Approximately 15% smaller

With the same quality features as Evolve, Evolve LP boasts the following:

  • 15% smaller in size in comparison to Evolve
  • Micro Etched Palladium Alloy 80 Gauge Mesh Base
  • Rounded Tie Wings
  • Mushroom shaped hook
  • Centre Scribe Line
  • Bevelled Tie Wings
  • Ultra Low Friction Slot

Your patients will feel the difference

In these images, Evolve is on the left, and our new Evolve Low Profile bracket is on the right.






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