Keith Dyson: My Autograph Smile

Keith Dyson shares his experience of using clear aligner system Autograph, what it means to him to have a confident smile, and why he wants to spread the word about Autograph amongst friends, family, and colleagues.

The journey started when I was six years old, I had a small motorbike, and whilst riding it I froze and drove straight into a washing line. The washing line went into my mouth and pulled me off my motorbike - I was almost left hanging by my teeth. The accident pulled my teeth forward to a buck teeth appearance, and from that day I lost my confidence throughout my school life; getting called names because of my teeth. I wore all kinds of braces from fixed to head braces and after ten years my teeth were finally straight and my confidence started to grow again.

Over the next thirty years, my teeth slowly moved and twisted with one of my front teeth protruding more than the others. This was caused by not having the option of retainers. I became conscious of my smile again - especially when I looked at pictures of myself. All I could see was my front tooth protruding, and although this was not that noticeable by other people, it was to me.

When I heard about the benefits and simplicity of the Autograph clear aligner system, I was amazed by this technology and the speed that my teeth could be rectified. I decided to go ahead and make a positive change for myself.

When I heard about the benefits and simplicity of the Autograph clear aligner system, I was amazed by this technology and the speed that my teeth could be rectified.

Keith's smile before treatment

Keith's smile after treatment

A high level of care

My Orthodontist is Adam Jowett at St Luke’s Hospital in Bradford. He is currently a trainee consultant under the supervision of Simon Littlewood. I am delighted with the care I have received from Adam, Simon and their colleagues - I cannot praise the team enough for their professionalism and attentiveness.

In my first appointment, Adam explained the full process with me. He explained how the aligners work, that I change them weekly and the movement is bi-weekly; alternating from 0.75 aligner material in week one, to 1mm in week two, back to 0.75 in week three, and so on – finishing with a 1mm final aligner to be worn for two weeks. Following this, my next appointment involved a general check-up with x-rays to ensure my overall health was good enough, and to have impressions of my teeth taken.

The treatment plan

The technicians at Autograph, along with Adam Jowett, created the treatment plan. This involved scanning my impression, plotting the movements and axis of each tooth, and planning the number of incremental stages to achieve the perfect smile. The movements were plotted and a digitally animated video was created to explain my gradual tooth movement. It was decided my treatment would take 28 weeks to achieve.

The first aligners

When I received my first batch of aligners (approximately 12 weeks of aligners), I was shown how to use them and how to take them in and out with specially designed applicators called retrievers and chewies. I was also advised to avoid fizzy drinks and to wear them for at least 22 hours a day for best results.

How do they feel?

At first, it felt a little strange, but it didn’t take long to get accustomed to the new routine - it only took me 3 days. It also didn’t take long to have the confidence to take them in and out in a restaurant, I was supplied a carry case to store them in.

On the first day, I felt quite a lot of tension - which is normal. Of course, there needs to be a feeling of tension with a new aligner - this proves the aligners are working. This did however subside to a manageable level and was not an issue at all. There was a slight tightness with each new aligner, which after a day or so disappeared and the aligner simply held the new position for the rest of the week.

I would say the only noticeable change I felt was a slight lisp whilst wearing a new aligner, which became better in a short amount of time.

 A smooth process

During my review, Adam’s first question was, “Have you actually got them in?” He was also impressed with how the treatment plan was going, and that the teeth were moving exactly as prescribed.

Adam commented on how well my attachments had stayed on. Attachments are specially shaped pieces of composite designed by the Autograph team and bonded onto the teeth almost like anchor points to aid the movement of my teeth. They provide force in specific areas; creating certain movements. Adam was impressed with how these had stayed on over the course of treatment.

During this appointment, interproximal reduction also took place (IPR). In this vital stage of treatment, Adam slightly reduced the width of my rotated teeth in order to create space for a tooth to move into the correct position.

Nobody ever noticed I was wearing aligners! I am so pleased with the treatment Autograph and the team has provided.

Towards the end of treatment

I created a habit of wearing new aligners which worked perfectly for me - I changed my new aligner just before sleep. This allowed a good 7-8 hours for my teeth to adjust to the new movement whilst I slept.

So, what do my friends, family, and colleagues think? Nobody ever noticed I was wearing aligners! I am so pleased with the treatment Autograph and the team has provided. I would drop it into the conversation at work and social meetings. I tell as many people as I can about the great results I’ve experienced with Autograph.

Would you recommend Autograph?

Yes, I would wholeheartedly. It is one of the best technologies I know of! I keep looking in the mirror and can’t believe the results achieved in such a short time.

About Autograph

Autograph is a unique Aligner system which allows the orthodontist to personally plan treatment in full using the latest state of the art digital software. This helps to achieve the best results possible.

At Autograph Aligners, we understand that for many people seeking orthodontic treatment, it is about more than just a smile.

It is about having more confidence in all aspects of life, whether that is at work or out socialising. We have a solution which not only gives fantastic results, but is so aesthetic that your friends, family and work colleagues won’t even notice you are having treatment. Our aim is to give you the smile you have always wanted.

  • Aesthetic. Autograph has been designed to be discreet so the appliance is virtually invisible.
  • Quick. Our UK based production ensures you could be wearing Autograph within 10 days of your appointment.
  • Unique. Offering a personalised service specially catered for your individual treatment needs by your Orthodontist.


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