Meet the Family: Aesthetics and Comfort From Evolve Orthodontic Brackets

Who said threes a crowd? Accompanying the classic Evolve bracket, DB Orthodontics are pleased to introduce Evolve Low Profile metal brackets, and Evolve Poly Cosmetic brackets.

Now, with the addition of Evolve LP and Evolve Poly Cosmetic, we aim to provide you with the versatility required to treat all your patients. So, let us let us introduce you to the family, beginning with the global favourite - Evolve.

 At DB, we pride ourselves on developing orthodontic brackets to be as close to perfection as possible, and this is borne from our passion for detail. At DB, we recognise that even the tiniest error in the shape, curve and angle of an orthodontic bracket can affect the treatment outcome. Therefore, ensuring each and every Evolve bracket is replicated perfectly time and time again is our obsession. It is this dedication to providing excellence which has made Evolve brackets a favourite of orthodontists all over the world.

Evolve: The global favourite

Evolve’s specially designed bracket shape makes the application of chains and attachments easy without compromising patient comfort. Ensuring durability and optimum strength, both Evolve and Evolve Low Profile are two piece, metal injection moulded from advanced 17-4 low nickel alloy.

 Take a closer look at the features of Evolve …



For easy placement, angulation is incorporated into Evolve brackets. All horizontal and vertical edges run parallel to the occlusal plane and the long axis of the tooth. This helps to accurately bond each bracket in the correct position. Unique to a metal injection moulded bracket, Evolve’s ultra low friction slot undergoes an advanced polishing process, removing high surface peaks at molecular level and creating a mirror finish.

Evolve LP: 15% Lower in Profile

Centre stage goes to our new crowd pleaser: The Evolve Low Profile bracket. Featuring the same features as Evolve, lower profile offers greater patient comfort during treatment as it is approximately 15% lower in height. Already proving popular, we are confident this will soon be the go-to bracket for your price sensitive patients.

Low profile enables the soft tissues to rest closer to the labial tooth surface, so your patient benefits from a more natural feeling in the mouth. With the same mesio-distal width as Evolve, you still have the rotational control needed to achieve the required results.

Evolve Poly Cosmetic: The Aesthetic Choice

The aesthetic bracket gives your image-conscious patient extra confidence during treatment. Like its stainless steel relatives, the aesthetic bracket provides patient comfort and ease of placement for the clinician. It is as easy to bond as stainless steel, with no additional primer needed, and de-bonds like metal for a clean, shatter-free bracket removal process.




In addition, the Poly Cosmetic Bracket …

  • Is highly stain resistant.
  • Debonds and bonds like metal – no primer required and no shattering.
  • Is available in Roth, MBT, 0.018 and 0.022 prescription options.
  • Offers hooked bracket options in 3,4 and 5s.

Provide the best for your patients

Which Evolve bracket best suits your patient’s needs? The Evolve family offers something for everyone.

When you choose a bracket from the Evolve family, you will enjoy reliable, consistent results, whilst providing optimum patient comfort and aesthetics. Call us to book in a demonstration with one of our highly trained orthodontic sales specialists today.

To order, arrange a practice visit, or for more information, call us on 01535 656 999 or email