Aisling Byrne Case Study: Tackling the Challenges Associated With Aesthetic Treatment

Aisling Byrne, Consultant Orthodontist at Walsall Manor Hospital, and associate at the Scott Arms Dental Practice in Birmingham, has been using SPA aesthetic brackets, available from DB Orthodontics, for many years. Here, she gives a recent case study and explains why SPA are her bracket of choice.

Spa Aesthetic brackets

When choosing an an aesthetic bracket, many Orthodontists are keen to ensure the debonding procedure is as hassle free as possible. During debonding or initial fitting application, many face challenges which can lead to frustration and annoyance to both the patient and clinician.

Here are our top three culprits:

  • Shattering brackets during debonding - particularly monosapphire crystal.
  • Discolouration of ligatures.
  • Cracking of coated aesthetic archwires during bending.


This photo shows a different patient currently receiving orthodontic treatment with SPA brackets. Photo courtesy of Aisling Byrne.

In this article, Aisling explains how SPA makes for a smooth debonding procedure. She also details the additional products which provide a reliable and effective treatment plan. Let's begin with the case study...

Case study

JB is 25 year old dental nurse who felt very self-conscious about her smile and desperately wanted to have her teeth straightened. She was however very apprehensive at the prospect of having a ‘full on’ metal brace to straighten her teeth, and did not feel she could go through with this. When I showed her SPA brackets she felt she would be able to have these on her teeth without feeling embarrassed or overly self-conscious.  

She presented with:
  • A class II, division 1 incisor relationship on a mild class II skeletal base. 
  • Average vertical proportions and competent lips.  
Intraorally, she had:
  • Moderate upper and mild lower arch crowding.
  • Increased overbite.
  • Class II buccal segments.
Spa Aesthetic brackets

SPA AESTHETIC BRACKETSStart radiographs of case. Photos courtesy of Aisling Byrne.

Treatment plan

Her malocclusion was treated on an extraction basis (UR4, UL4) with:

Spa Aesthetic brackets

Photos courtesy of Aisling Byrne.

The patient was very surprised to find a lot of her dental colleagues didn’t even notice her brace for several weeks, despite seeing her on a daily basis, which says a lot about the aesthetics of these brackets.

JB said she, “adapted well to her brace and encountered minimal discomfort during the 18 month treatment period, and was surprised at how discreet the brackets actually were”. 

Spa Aesthetic brackets

 Photos courtesy of Aisling Byrne.

Treatment progressed smoothly in a timely manner, and spaces closed well.  At the end of treatment, she has a class I incisor relationship with correct overjet and overbite, and well interdigitated buccal segments.  She was fitted with an upper bonded retainer and upper and lower removable retainers, which she was advised to wear on a night-time only basis. She was delighted with her end result and is so glad she had the treatment.

 Negative press

To begin with, I was a bit hesitant about using aesthetic brackets. I’d heard so many negative stories about how difficult they were to work with, and the horror stories of nightmare de-bond visits - with brackets shattering and chunks of ceramic remaining on the teeth.

Spa Aesthetic brackets

SPA aesthetic bracket kit.

Why I chose SPA

After some research, I trialled a few different ceramic brackets and chose to stick with SPA. I have been using them for several years now and absolutely love them, for many reasons. During de-bonding, I experience less of the associated complications you may expect from a ceramic bracket. They are easy to remove, and have excellent aesthetics as they are clear monosapphire crystal. They de-bond in a similar way to traditional metal brackets - meaning no nightmare de-bond appointments for either the orthodontist or the patient. Unlike some of the other ceramic brackets on the market, they aren’t too bulky or large in size, and are strong and robust.

During de-bonding, I experience less of the associated complications you may expect from a ceramic bracket. 

Positive feedback

 From a patient perspective, I have received many positive remarks, in particular in relation to aesthetics. Many of my patients say they their friends and colleagues do not notice them, allowing patient’s self confidence to remain high whilst having their orthodontic treatment.  This is particularly important for adult patients, who are often quite apprehensive about having fixed appliance treatment.  To keep aesthetics at an optimal level, I like to combine them with Illusio aesthetics wires and coated shorty ties, also available from DB Orthodontics.  This gives my patients piece of mind that they can continue to eat what they want, without having to worry about embarrassing yellow discolouration of modules between appointments, which I find is often very distressing for my patients.


About Aisling

 Aisling is an NHS Consultant Orthodontist at Walsall Manor Hospital, and works part-time in private practice at the Scott Arms Dental Practice, Birmingham. Graduating from Bristol Dental School in 2000 and achieving first place in her year, she undertook her Orthodontic training at the Birmingham Dental Hospital, and also completed a Masters in Philosophy research degree. Gaining Membership in Orthodontics in 2007, she has won many awards including the Gold Medal, British Dental Association Medal and the British Orthodontic Society Cases Medal. Her areas of interest are contemporary adult orthodontics and invisible brace systems.


How does SPA enhance patient comfort?

Spa Aesthetic brackets

In bracket design, a small reduction in size makes big a difference. To further improve patient comfort, DB Orthodontics have redesigned the shape of SPA. Now smaller, with more contoured edges, SPA brackets now have an even smoother feel, and possess a lower profile against the soft tissue.

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