Taekwondo Champ Bianca Walkden: Why I choose OPRO Mouthguards

Bianca Walkden is a UK British Taekwondo competitor and a member of the GB Taekwondo Academy. She won a bronze medal for Great Britain at the 2016 Olympic Games. Walkden is a triple World champion, twice European champion, and twice World Grand Prix Final champion in her division.

Bianca Walkden is a phenomenon of the sport, best known for being the first-ever Great British athlete to win two consecutive World Championships. In addition, Bianca is the first athlete to ever win all 4 Grand Prixs in 2017, a feat for which she was shortlisted for BBC Sports Personality of the Year, was 3rd in the Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year and won World Taekwondo Fighter of the Year. It goes without saying that Bianca is driven to win gold at Tokyo 2020, a goal that is most certainly within reach.

Bianca is passionate about encouraging young girls to participate in sport, kicking the fear of appearance, ability and status quo to the curb. Working alongside OPRO, Bianca will be delivering her inspiring story with the aim of empowering as many young girls to take up sport in schools.

In this video, Bianca explains why she chooses OPRO and her aims in sport ...

"Because it's comfortable, it fits well, it protects my teeth and they look cool, come in all different shapes and sizes and colours. And, you can pick one for every day. I want to be the best of the sport I can possibly be, and I might as well go with the best mouthguard that I've got to protect my teeth ...

When you do get kicked in the face, It's not the nicest thing, so if I've got the best protection ... to protect my teeth, then I'm going to go with the best.

(What) I want to achieve working with OPRO is to get as many girls as I can into sport - whether it's combat sport or any other sport ... I just want to try and get as many girls out there to believe in themselves and give themselves that chance to get into sport and see what they can do".

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