Ten Questions with Emma Spotten

We managed to catch Sales Executive Emma Spotten during her last visit to DB Headquarters to answer our ten questions. Covering the West and South-West of England and Wales, her time involves visiting orthodontic practices and hospitals - establishing many new friendships along the way. Emma joined the orthodontic industry a year ago. In her short time with us, she has brought many things to the table, including her pharmaceutical industry experience, a team player attitude, and go getter spirit...


Now then Emma, so tell us, what food hits the spot for you?

    Definitely pizza! The spicier the better ……. but absolutely NO pineapple!

     Yes please. Pizza is a favourite amongst the DB team, it's Laboratory specialist Kaia Gelsthorpe's fave too. Image: Fancy crave on Unsplash.


    What one thing would you have on a desert island?

      It would have to be my two boys, Barney and Wilf (which I know isn’t one thing, but obviously I couldn’t chose between them)! They’re the best company and make me laugh every day.

       Say cheese..What a set of cuties. Barney on the left, Wilf on the right.


      What are you really good at?

        One word - shopping. Much to my husband Gordon’s despair!

         And suddenly everything paled into insignificance... Photo by Heidi Sandstrom on Unsplash.

        Any pet hates?

        I hate to see bad manners.


        Who inspires you?

          My Mum Jeannie. She always sees the best in people, is the kindest person I know and has always supported and encouraged me. She has helped me to become the person I am today.

          Jeannie, we all agree that your daughter Emma is a credit to you.


          What is your favourite DB product and why?

          I think Infinitas Implants are brilliant. They are so popular and it is especially rewarding to be involved with the courses we offer on the system. Infinitas was designed by an Orthodontist - Richard Cousley, for Orthodontists to offer reliable bone anchorage. As patient comfort is so important, it is no surprise that implants have become a popular alternative option to headbraces.

          Image on left: Adult Class III patient requiring orthodontic decompensation and a mandibular setback osteotomy. Image on right: 16 yr old with a Class II division 1 malocclusion, anterior openbite, moderate anterior crowding, both centrelines displaced to the left side, and absent LR7. Photos courtesy of Richard Cousley.


          What one word describes you most?

            Chatty. Again, much to Gordon’s frustration. I never run out of things to say that's for sure.

            "Hello, hello, Emma Spotten speaking, how can I help you?" Image source: mr.men.com.


            What is your earliest memory?

              My first day in school. We had a newly qualified teacher called Mrs Bennett who couldn’t drive yet - she missed the bus and was late for her first day!

              Emma and hubby Gordon.

              If you had a time machine, where and when would you travel to?

                I would go back to the early / mid 1990’s. I had just left home and moved to Manchester, made some amazing friends and had the best time of my life! I don’t have regrets – I just want to do it all again!

                Manchester in the 90's...the beads, the bucket hat, the baggy jeans, and, thankfully, no social media. Image source: underground-england.co.uk.

                What do you love most about your job?

                  All the people I get to meet who are passionate about what they do. Also, I love working as part of a fantastic team – I couldn’t do what I do without them.

                  The Spottens. L-R: Gordon, Wilf, Barney and Emma.

                  Thanks Emma!

                  Thanks for your time Emma, I'm sure Gordon won't be pleased you've left him at home and taken the boys to your desert island with you. On the other hand, perhaps he'll be glad of the peace and quiet, eh Mrs Chatterbox?

                  Fancy a visit?

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