The Power Hour: Whiten for One Hour a Day With Autograph Whitening

DB Orthodontics presents Autograph Whitening. Give your patients the complete Autograph treatment and boost their self-esteem.

Summer is coming and nothing kick starts a fresh demand for photo ready smiles quite like the season of weddings, holidays and social events. Yes, your patients want to look good fast, and Autograph’s launch of the ultimate complementary treatment – tooth whitening - has been timed to perfection.

The perfect compliment to Autograph Aligners

Since 2014 Autograph aligners have been providing effective aligner treatment for UK patients, in luxury packaging, whilst clinicians have benefitted from consistent results, fast turnaround times and customer service with a personal touch. Autograph whitening is set to enhance the brand further – with a premium quality, fast acting carbamide peroxide gel designed for those who don’t have time to whiten for longer than one hour per day.

Marketing Director Christian Burdess says of the launch, “Over the past few years we have been asked by our customers when we would offer tooth whitening in addition to aligners, and now, on the back of the success of Autograph Aligners, this is the perfect time for us. We decided to offer carbamide peroxide because it was asked for the most.”

Enjoy a convenient and comfortable whitening experience

The first hour of daily treatment with Autograph is the most powerful and effective, so no-one has to wear whitening trays overnight. This is great news for patients who dislike wearing whitening trays for longer periods.

..."on the back of the success of Autograph Aligners, this is the perfect time for us. We decided to offer carbamide peroxide because it was asked for the most"...

We recommend wearing both 10% and 16% carbamide peroxide for one hour a day, over seven to ten days. Patients may see a result quicker with the stronger 16% formula, and 10% carbamide peroxide offers a more gentle whitening experience.

Two strength choices

A choice of 10 or 16% Carbamide peroxide in 4 x 3ml syringe patient kits and 2 x 3ml syringe top-up packs is available, in beautiful packaging, alongside an impressive marketing package. Autograph Whitening can be worn for one hour, whilst many carbamide peroxide brands are usually worn for up to eight hours. This means Autograph patients benefit from the gentle formula of carbamide peroxide whilst enjoying a short wear time.


Marketing provided

For the marketing conscious, Autograph cater for everything from waiting room to web. Get creative with the crisp white gift box, stylish gift bag, posters, leaflets and a variety of large and small stands to create an attractive display.  In addition, free digital marketing images and text are provided.

Get in touch

Offer the full aesthetic experience with a trusted UK brand of aligners and whitening and, just like the strapline, “let your smile shine through” suggests, provide the smile your patients always dreamed of. Contact the DB Sales team for more information; call 01535 656 999, email or visit