Online Lectures

Face to face courses are currently challenging, so via your laptop, let us bring you fresh ideas that take you to the next stage of development.

View previous events, and which of our inspiring online lectures are now available to book. We offer a variety of courses;
something to spark the interest of the whole team.

3d Printing webinar

Many orthodontists have seen the advantages of intra-oral scanning, but haven't yet taken the next digital step of 3D Printing. This online lecture provides introductory insight into producing retainers, aligners and other orthodontic appliances in-house and cost effectivley, plus finally going impression free!

maintain webinar

Maintain Developer Dr, David Waring will cover how Maintain presents a convenient and easy solution to the age-old challenge clinicians face when providing long-term retention. He will share his top tips on how to achieve the best results with Maintain.

Infinitas Online Course

This new online version of the original Infinitas Mini Implant course will be hosted by Dr. Richard Cousley and will cover the full content & practical sessions of the face to face course. The Infinitas Mini Implant system represents a synthesis of this theoretical & practical experience.