A Frustration-Free Guide to Bonding the Maintain Retainer

What’s your biggest frustration with bonded lingual retainers? A clumsy transfer jig? The wire bending process? Fear of unwanted torque? Retainer bonding challenges are a-plenty, so any solution which is easy to use, offers reliable retention, reduces appointment time, and eliminates the risk of unwanted tooth movement is music to everyone’s ears.

Introducing Maintain, the Dual Retainer system created by Consultant Orthodontist David Waring and available from DB Orthodontics. It was designed to overcome many of the challenges clinicians face when placing bonded retainers. Here are our four reasons why Maintain is worth trying for yourself, plus a step by step fitting guide. Once you've read this you may never go back to bending retainer wire chairside again.

Maintain's removable vacuum formed retainer and bonded retainer can be manufactured between the appointments, meaning the retainer is ready to bond directly at the de-bond appointment. This is a major advantage as it’s all there; no same day return visit or day after visit, plus less chair-side time. This minimises any risk of relapse or the patient not returning for the retainer fitting. It is also useful if the orthodontist only visits the practice one day a week.
Because the Maintain retainer is created by highly qualified dental technicians at Studio 8 laboratory, you don't have to spend time bending and fitting the wire with the patient in the chair anymore. The whole process has been made as simple as possible - dramatically cutting down appointment time and fuss.

Maintain offers brilliant value. Clinicians receive two removable retainers and a fitted wire retainer at a very competitive price, making it excellent value.

DB Orthodontics is delighted to offer such an effective product at a fantastic price - meaning all our customers can benefit in surgery not only with a reduced appointment time, but also with a reduced financial outlay.

A hands-free transfer jig is here to solve all your retainer bonding headaches. Surrounding the full arch, the transfer jig simply clicks into place. It sits the straight 8 lingual wire in place ready for bonding. No more risk of dropping the wire, and you have both hands to make bonding and placement easier.

Dual Retention

Maintain’s dual retainer system consists of a bonded braided flattened retainer wire, made with Straight 8 Plus rectangular wire for maximum surface contact, and two removable pressure formed retainers to be worn at night by the patient. This approach offers greater support for both the posterior and anterior zones.

‘Dual retention is a desired approach for retention following active orthodontic treatment. The design of Maintain performs both roles and allows easy placement of the bonded retainer.’ 
David Waring, Consultant Orthodontist.



The fitting: a step-by-step process

The jig is easy to place in the mouth and will not slip. It is vacuum formed to the patient’s dentition and can be clicked into place. The retainer is checked for fit, ensuring the fixed part of the retainer is in a passive position on the lingual surface of the anterior teeth.

Bonding is easy with the Maintain as you can enjoy the freedom of having both hands free with a secure transfer jig. Straight 8 Plus’ flattened rectangular shaped retainer wire provides maximum surface contact with the lingual surface in comparison to rounded brands which have a minimal sized contact point.
Straight 8 Plus wire has a greater surface contact than conventional wire (right).
The wire will stay secure during the bonding and curing stage as it is embedded in the sides of the window of the transfer jig. The low profile of Straight 8 Plus wire ensures maximum patient comfort and minimises occlusal interferences.
Once the flexible wire has been cured into place the jig can be removed. The two ends of the bonded retainer need to be separated from the retainer. This can be done by a high speed bur to detach the wire from the retainer at either end or by cutting the wire with ligature cutters. The fixed retainer remains bonded on the teeth placed in the correct position.
Once separation has been achieved, the removable retainer can simply be removed from the teeth. The two ends of the Straight 8 Plus wire can be tidied up as necessary and the retainer replaced in the mouth. This can then serve as the dual retainer that is normally worn during evening and nights.
Maintain also comes with an additional retainer for peace of mind. This means the patient not only has the option of using the transfer jig, but also a full arch retainer as a spare.

Sending impressions

DB Orthodontics’ Lab, Studio 8 accepts silicone, alginate or digital impressions and offer a five day turnaround. Send your impression with the lab form to the team, and if you have any queries, the team are always available on the phone for support.



Get in touch

To learn more about how Maintain can help your practice call 01535 656 999, or email sales@dbortho.com.