Class III Case Summary Using Evolve Brackets By Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist Aisling Byrne

Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist Aisling Byrne shares a recent case of hers using DB Orthodontics products, and the advice she would give to new orthodontists starting out.

Case Summary

The case study is of a 12-year old male. Class III incisors with 1mm overjet on a skeletal I base with slightly increased lower anterior face height and FMPA.

This was complicated by a crossbite of UR2, mild upper arch spacing, mild lower arch crowding and upper centreline shift of 1mm to the left. 

There was an anterior displacement on closure present. The treatment was carried out on a non-extraction basis and took 18 months.

The patient was treated using Evolve brackets, DB Orthodontics wires and modules.

These images are used courtesy of Aisling Byrne.

Pre-treatment Anterior view.Post-treatment Anterior view.Pre-treatment Maxillary Occlusal view.Post-treatment Maxillary Occlusal view.Pre-treatment Mandibular Occlusal view.Post-treatment Mandibular Occlusal view.Pre-treatment Right Buccal view.Post-treatment Right Buccal view.Pre-treatment Left Buccal view. Post-treatment Left Buccal view.

What advice would you give to anyone starting out in orthodontics?

Here are my four key pieces of advice:

1. Case selection is key.

Choose your cases carefully, do not let a patient persuade you to provide
treatment you do not feel appropriate (happening more and more now with the
upsurge in adults seeking treatment).

2. Manage expectations.

Manage patient expectations as failure to do so can lead to complaints (make use of smile
simulations, previous cases and so on). 

3. Communication.

Always communicate effectively with your patients.

4. Ask for help.

Do not be too proud to ask for help if you are unsure or treatment does not progress as planned. Even now, I regularly discuss complex and challenging cases with my colleagues. This is all part of peer review, and how we learn and become better orthodontists.

What led you to a career in orthodontics?

My first encounter with the orthodontist when I was 11, and this sparked my initial interest. At Bristol Dental School we got a lot of hands-on orthodontic experience, and this further fuelled my interest in the specialty. I enjoy the logical thought processes involved in planning and managing my cases; it can
sometimes feel like trying to piece a complex jigsaw puzzle together, especially when unexpected challenges crop up during the treatment.

I have always been very creative and artistic, having had an interest in jewellery making, so when it came to bending wires for braces, it felt like a natural progression, and is an aspect of orthodontics that I still really enjoy and commonly use. I also wanted a rewarding job, something filled with job satisfaction and orthodontics certainly fits the bill. There are very few careers that are gratifying for both orthodontist and patient alike.

What items do you value highly?

My Ixion instruments. I have tried various brands over the years, and nothing beats these. I now only use Ixion instruments, both in the hospital and private practice. I have recently invested in their new aligner range, so that I can add hooks and cut outs into my aligners.

The Ixion Hole Punch Plier IX891 is an effective and easy to use instrument for orthodontists who provide aligner treatment.

About Aisling Byrne

Aisling graduated from Bristol Dental School in 2000 achieving first place in her year. She was awarded both the prestigious Gold Medal as well as the British Dental Association Medal for her academic and clinical successes.

After gaining experience in a number of different dental specialties, she joined the Orthodontic Specialist Registrar Training Programme at the Birmingham Dental Hospital. During this time she undertook a Masters in Philosophy research degree. She completed her training in 2007 and gained her Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons. At this examination she was awarded the distinguished British Orthodontic Society Cases Medal for her outstanding quality of orthodontic treatment.

​Aisling undertook additional higher training in orthodontics, centred on the treatment of the most complex cases. She was awarded her Intercollegiate Speciality Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons to gain Consultant status. Aisling is a registered Orthodontic Specialist on the GDC Register and has been working as a Consultant Orthodontist at Walsall Manor Hospital since 2010.  She also works in Private Practice in Birmingham.

​She is an Educational Supervisor and is responsible for training and mentoring trainee orthodontists. She is an invited lecturer on the West Midlands Deanery Orthodontic Training Programme. She has lectured both regionally and nationally and has presented her research at conferences.

About DB Orthodontics

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