DB Dragon Slayers SLAYED at Bradford Dragon Boat Race

Much fun was had by Team DB members at Bradford's annual Dragon Boat Festival in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, on Sunday 2nd July.

With adrenaline fuelled dragon boat racing on the river and land-side attractions for the whole family, this family friendly community festival was the perfect place for a spot of Team DB team building!

Team DB, AKA The DB Dragon Slayers, consisted of: Victoria Coppack, Christian Burdess, Carl Carver, Lee Davis, Simon Green, Simon Coppack, Joanne Harwood, Anna Dyson, Sonia Kauser, Atiq Zaman, Cailum Loat, Nick Selby, Louise Feather, Karen Hiscoe, Rebecca Bailey and Eleanor Longbottom.

All trained, warmed up and pumped for action, The DB Dragon Slayers SLAYED ALL DAY! Cheered on by colleagues and family on the canal banking, they even had their own banner, created by our artistic Dental Laboratory Assistant, Rosie Whiteoak.

These champs showed what team work was all about by literally pulling their weight in unison, despite the cold and windy conditions. 

Led by Eleanor Longbottom and Sonia Kauser, beating the drum to which all rowed in time, and accompanied by the team chanting a count of rows to keep in sync, The DB Dragon slayers came 3rd in the 1st race, 2nd in the 2nd race, and scooped a win in the 3rd race!

Never missing an opportunity for a nice bit of branding, the design team whipped into action, creating professional team t-shirts featuring our very own DB Dragon Slayers logo with a graphical style dragon emblem.

Bandanas and Autograph Smiles sunglasses were the perfect finish to the team uniform aesthetic. These guys weren't fooling around, they were in it to win it and of course needed to look the part.

Sadly the Dragon Slayers didn’t make it into the next heat, however many were happy to jump into a hot bath to celebrate their achievements.

Here are a few more pics of the day, we hope you enjoy them. Let's see if The Dragon Slayers return for battle in 2024.

Warming up is essential!

Ready for action with matching t-shirts, bandanas and lifejackets.

Smiles all round; looking strong!

 Anna Dyson and Joanne Harwood displaying a fine example of boating chic apparel.

Christian Burdess leading the team with his game face on.

Eleanor Longbottom leading the rowing action with her drum beats.

And they're off!


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