Ten Questions With Victoria Coppack

Ahead of International Women’s day we caught up with DB Orthodontics Sales Director, mum of two and keen charity fundraiser Victoria Coppack. Alongside fellow Director and brother Christian Burdess, Victoria is a decision maker for all aspects of the business; from product development, to UK and international trading, to supply chain matters and PR. Her problem-solving attitude, honed from years of maintaining a successful business in a niche market, has prepared her well for handling whatever curveballs have been presented to the business.
Marketing Coordinator Maria Brophy asked her ten questions to find out a bit more about her passions outside, and inside work.

We always start with this one; what is your favourite dish?

Being from Yorkshire it can only be one thing… Roast Beef and Yorkshire puddings.
The Yorkshire Puddings are just coming Madam...Ooh popular choice for many – not just Yorkshire folk.

What one thing would you have on a desert island?

I’m guessing there is no internet so I would have to go ‘old school’ and have an iPod full of my favourite music (and some speakers but does that count as two things?).
Buy one speaker, get two pineapples free.

What are you really good at?

Baking Victoria sponge cakes… a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.
Watch out Mary Berry, Victoria Coppack is a Victoria sponge master. Must be the name.
...Wow, can we have one for the office please?

What is your favourite DB Product and why?

I’d say the Infinitas mini-implant system because I was involved from the start of the development, through to presenting this to customers and distributors worldwide. It is still developing; as we have new palatal solutions for mesialisation, distalisation and expansion in beta-testing phase…
The Infinitas Mini Implant system was developed in partnership with Bone Anchorage World Speaker Orthodontist Richard Cousley.

What one word describes you the most?

Busy! Juggling being a full time working mum and running a business definitely makes you value the time you have and always looking for ways to make time savings and processes more efficient. 

If you had a time machine, where and when would you travel to?

It’s a tough call! Either the roaring 20’s to dance about in a flapper dress, or Glastonbury to watch David Bowie headline.
Either way, there would be lots of dancing.
Bowie, what a legend he was. We’re right there with you (in our spandex) Victoria.

What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?

Walking and Camping in the Lake District (specifically around the Langdale Valley) as I have so many happy memories of being there as a child, and now taking the children who love it too!
Family camping is a favourite for the Coppacks.

Any pet hates?

People being rude or unkind – There is simply no place for it.
Team work makes the dream work.

What do you love most about your job?

I feel extremely lucky to work in such a fantastic industry, working with clinicians and clinical teams who truly care about their patients and their treatment outcomes.

What Does International Women’s day mean to you?

I have been extremely fortunate that my father has been a strong advocate of the importance of women in business. International women’s day is an opportunity to celebrate the strengths that women bring to the business, recognise and support those who are not in this fortunate position, and to continue the message for the future generations. 
Victoria has always been an advocate for promoting an empathic managerial approach, and an is active supporter of women in business.

About DB Orthodontics

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