Dr Aisling Byrne: Why SPA Aesthetic Brackets Are a Great Alternative to Traditional Metal Brackets

Aisling Byrne, Consultant Orthodontist at Walsall Manor Hospital, and associate at the Scott Arms Dental Practice in Birmingham, has been using SPA aesthetic brackets, available from DB Orthodontics, for many years. Here, she gives a recent case study and explains why SPA are her bracket of choice.

Aisling, why are SPA aesthetic brackets a great aesthetic alternative to traditional metal brackets?

I love SPA brackets because:

  1. They are extremely discreet (completely clear) and patients do not feel self-conscious with them in place. I often get remarks from patients that they have not been noticed by friends or colleagues.
  2. They debond really easily and rarely fracture/shatter unlike some other brands (this can be very distressing for both patient and dentist). I have recommended these brackets to many of my colleagues who have had a bad experience with shattering ceramic brackets.
  3. They are easy to work with and not overly bulky.


Aisling's top tips when using SPA aesthetic brackets:

  1. Use white coated ligature ties in the anterior regions (there is nothing worse than a patient returning after a week because their modules have stained).
  1. Use lig-a-modules (coated ligatures with a module) to close spaces where possible as power chain tends to stain and detract from the aesthetics.
  2. Use round steel wires to close small spaces rather than full size steel wires.


Case Study

This young lady came to see me as she was unhappy about the spacing between the lower teeth. In addition she was dissatisfied with the position of the instanding upper left lateral incisor. She has both lower first molars removed as a child and there was some residual space in these regions.

She presented with a class I incisor relationship with 4mm overjet, on a mild skeletal III base. This was complicated by approximately 7mm of lower arch spacing, mild upper arch crowding, and class II canines.

Pre Treatment Occlusal View.Pre Treatment Buccal view.Post Treatment Buccal view.Post Treatment Anterior View.

She wanted her lower spaces closing and upper teeth straightening, and was keen for something aesthetically pleasing and as discreet as possible.  She was treated with upper and lower ceramic fixed appliances using SPA aesthetic brackets.  Both upper second premolars were removed as part of the treatment.  Total treatment time was just over two years, which was slightly longer than anticipated, as a result of the covid lockdown.  To provide my patients with an optimal aesthetic experience, I use coated white shortie ties from DB Orthodontics on all incisor and canine teeth. 

At the end of treatment, upper and lower fixed bonded retainers were placed, in addition to upper and lower Essix retainers, which she was advised to wear on a night only basis.  I use the IX828 Direct Bond Remover (Angled) which is great for removing these brackets in one piece without shattering.

    About Aisling Byrne

    Aisling graduated from Bristol Dental School in 2000 achieving first place in her year. She was awarded both the prestigious Gold Medal as well as the British Dental Association Medal for her academic and clinical successes.

    After gaining experience in a number of different dental specialties, she joined the Orthodontic Specialist Registrar Training Programme at the Birmingham Dental Hospital. During this time she undertook a Masters in Philosophy research degree. She completed her training in 2007 and gained her Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons. At this examination she was awarded the distinguished British Orthodontic Society Cases Medal for her outstanding quality of orthodontic treatment.

    ​Aisling undertook additional higher training in orthodontics, centred on the treatment of the most complex cases. She was awarded her Intercollegiate Speciality Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons to gain Consultant status. Aisling is a registered Orthodontic Specialist on the GDC Register and has been working as a Consultant Orthodontist at Walsall Manor Hospital since 2010.  She also works in Private Practice in Birmingham.

    ​She is an Educational Supervisor and is responsible for training and mentoring trainee orthodontists. She is an invited lecturer on the West Midlands Deanery Orthodontic Training Programme. She has lectured both regionally and nationally and has presented her research at conferences.

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